I always imagined myself experiencing such a stereo-typically romantic activity to do with my future husband, but honestly life is too short ! Who knows what tomorrow brings. Nobody has time to wait around for that guy to show up for such things to occur, the opportunity needed to be seized, and so I seized away. Another reason I chose to embark on such an adventure was to show women everywhere that fashionable people can also be fearless and fun ! Not all 'fashionistas' care solely about what brand to wear next or which event to attend that day. You can be fashionable, don a gorgeous dress and take on the most exciting aspects of life, all at once ! Underneath the seemingly perfect instagram photos lies a goofy, weird, adventure hungry woman. I know there are many women like me out there, but not many ever want to show this side off. I want to inspire you all to get up, go out and do that special experience you've had in the back of your head for ages, there is no time like the present. Apps like Head Out make it easy for you to search for fun activities and at discounted prices. It's not only for those of you visiting Dubai & Abu Dhabi, but for the residents of the UAE. I've been here for over a decade, so If I can feel like I'm back on holiday again, imagine those of you who are visiting for the first time. The rush you experience when trying something new is like nothing else in this world. The feeling I got seeing a gigantic hot air balloon being blown up with lightning bright fire, at the brink of sun rise and being lifted 4000ft in the air across picture perfect waves of dunes, was simply surreal. Only 10minutes in and I'm staring at the majestic sun rise out of a sea of misty, billowing clouds. Nature is such a stunning phenomenon and I've never seen the world from such a perspective in my entire life. The experience alone is irreplaceable.  



Now I'm actually not great with heights, but this was a fear I had to overcome. I chose to stand right at the end of the basket, feeling like I was going to fall every other minute but as soon as I set my eyes on the beautiful hot air balloon creeping up beside us and the endless acres of pristine desert sand, I was hypnotized into this relaxed trance. Besides the fear of heights (and landing that was crazy in itself) I wouldn't hesitate to do it all again in a heartbeat. 


The captain in charge was this incredible man who as a young child saw his first hot air balloon in the sky and decided from that day on that this would be his life. By the age of 16 he was already trained and a licensed captain. You can't even be 16 years old and drive a car in most countries, never mind a HOT AIR BALLOON. Mind blown. He now travels to every corner of the world flying different hot air balloons for great charitable causes. How insane is that ! To get to do that every single day and not be bored ! (Trust me.. I asked him straight up) That's passion for you. I also met some lovely people visiting from Singapore and China, who like me were also experiencing this for the first time. So it was nice to be in the same boat as them (or basket). One of the greatest parts about participating in such things is meeting people from all walks of life, people you wouldn't usually have the pleasure to. I'm the type of person that likes to make friends and randomly sparks up conversation with different people that cross my path. Had I never asked, "So w hat got you into this field of work?" I would never have heard this amazing story. Never be shy to get to know someone, you never know how they will add to & inspire your life.


A big thank you to HeadOut.com for bridging the gap between the desire to experience and actually experiencing it ! The app was super easy to use and now anytime I feel like pursuing a new adventure I have a one stop destination to do so.


I know you're all thinking where this stunning red dress is from ! It's by Alaia from @EtoilelaBoutique This dress was beautifully textured and extremely comfortable to wear. I'm actually obsessed with their store in Mall of the Emirates, it has the cutest and most unique pieces that I can't wait to get my hands on. 

Also thank you to my new Singaporean friend who insisted on taking my photos in the desert! What a sweetheart you are! If you're reading this I hope you and your friend had a wonderful time on the rest of your trip. 

So all round, it was incredibly fun & a few hours of my life that I'll never forget. This is another adventure I can proudly tick off my bucket list ! I'm going to finish off by saying, regardless of where you're from, or what you do in life take the time to tick off that special something. 


I hope you guys enjoyed ! Do follow me on Instagram at @ZamiraStyle for regular updates !