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Backless & Braids
At the newly launched ' The Nail Spa' & 'Marquee' Salon location on Jumeirah Beach Road , where I went home feeling utterly pampered. I was obsessed with this new hybrid salon offering everything from handpainted, sticker and gem nail art, a braid bar and even the option to get glittery locks ! I got this intricate hair do done by one of their talented stylists, which then started off a knock on effect of braided clients ! There is a stunning amount of thought and detail put into every aspect of this salon. Even the gorgeous hand painted wall done by the very same artist who designed all the fabulous nail stickers seen on me here..

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70's Vibes
One of Fall/Winters  biggest trends was the revival of the 70's. Every runway brought it back and every fashionista is putting their own spin on the style. Whether it's funky prints, flared pants or platform shoes, the 70's are definitely back in a big way. I thought I would create my own chic version of the trend with these chunky platform boots... 

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I do what I do, because I love to make women feel confident...
I do what I do, because I love to make women feel confident & look beautiful through the art of style ! I appreciate each & every one of you who has proudly worn one of my piecesRead More
The Fashion Hub.. Pop UP
Firstly.. pop up events have been my life the last month ! Hence why I've been away from blogging. Being a business women and a fashion influencer at the same time can be challenging to balancee sometimes, but I'm in love with what I do . So ladies, If you don't catch me on here you'll always find me on my instagram @ZamiraStyle On that note..The Fashion Hub.. The first pop up of it's kind featuring specially selected designers & brands, taking place this Saturday the 17th from 5pm - 11pm at The Impact Hub, Downtown Dubai. #ZamiraStyle will be participating so do come down if you wish to check out the collection !Read More
Meeting Miss & Mr Smith
Dubai Summer Surprises wonderfully brought out the very talented Jaden & Willow Smith in order to launch their clothing brand MSfts. I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to the two of them talk about their passions, inspirations, lifestyles and love of all things fashion. It was hard to believe these insightful individuals are still young teens ! Regardless of their famous parents, the courage and knowledge the two of them possess is unbelievable. The amount of hard work and thought that has gone into each and every piece of their MSfits collection was overwhelming. They incorporated many elements related to the Arab world & Dubai itself.  For such blessed kids, you can feel the appreciation they have for the world, nature and all cultures, while remaining so down to earth & humble..

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Orange is the new Black
One of Summer biggest trends has been the Culotte pants. They were all over the Spring 2015 runways and noone really expected them to be such a huge ! But lucky for me they were, as personally I've lived in them all season, they can be worn glam or casual while remaining super chic and comfortable. I get a lot of questions at my pop up events about how to wear them, so I thought I'd create a look, with some little tips on how you can wear them.. 

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Simple but Chic
What comes to mind when you think simple ? Plain.. boring ? Well not in this case. Sometimes simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Here are 3  tips to take you from a simple to chic in an effortless minute..

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An Evening Sparkle
Firstly we all need a little sparkle in our lives, no matter what season it is or time of year ! Otherwise life would be boring without it. ( and I do emphasis on the word little) So for an elegant evening celebrating a family members birthday, I opted to wear the ZAMIRA 'Sonia Shimmer Crop Top' and pair it with the 'Bella Black Sheer Panel Skirt'. Fun on top and ultra sophistication on the bottom. It's good to mix things up, otherwise your looks can become monotonous...

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Peacock Jumpsuit
The power of jewel tones. Sumptious hues that will make you feel strong and look regal. This is my interpretation of a modern day look, inspired by the arab world. A middle east meet west ensemble. This patterned swirl of ruby reds, emerald greens and sapphire blues is simply hypnotising and created such a statement look especially when paired with the headpiece..

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