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Orange is the new Black
One of Summer biggest trends has been the Culotte pants. They were all over the Spring 2015 runways and noone really expected them to be such a huge ! But lucky for me they were, as personally I've lived in them all season, they can be worn glam or casual while remaining super chic and comfortable. I get a lot of questions at my pop up events about how to wear them, so I thought I'd create a look, with some little tips on how you can wear them.. 

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Simple but Chic
What comes to mind when you think simple ? Plain.. boring ? Well not in this case. Sometimes simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Here are 3  tips to take you from a simple to chic in an effortless minute..

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An Evening Sparkle
Firstly we all need a little sparkle in our lives, no matter what season it is or time of year ! Otherwise life would be boring without it. ( and I do emphasis on the word little) So for an elegant evening celebrating a family members birthday, I opted to wear the ZAMIRA 'Sonia Shimmer Crop Top' and pair it with the 'Bella Black Sheer Panel Skirt'. Fun on top and ultra sophistication on the bottom. It's good to mix things up, otherwise your looks can become monotonous...

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Sports Chic
Think less stadium more chic. This look was inspired by the sporty street style trend that has been taking over the last year. The way to take on this trend is from a casual but cool approach. Don't be messy but effortless and be laid back but considered. Confused ? Well don't be. Here an example..an ordinary soprt jersey and a pair or jeans.. okay you've nailed the sport aspect, but that's not so chic. You need to think stripes, mesh, sheer and jersey materials. Sporty material but used in a fashionable manner.. 

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Peacock Jumpsuit
The power of jewel tones. Sumptious hues that will make you feel strong and look regal. This is my interpretation of a modern day look, inspired by the arab world. A middle east meet west ensemble. This patterned swirl of ruby reds, emerald greens and sapphire blues is simply hypnotising and created such a statement look especially when paired with the headpiece..

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Headpiece Haven
I have a particular obsession with jewelled headpieces. Especially around the time of Ramadan & Eid. I feel they bring a certain Arabian glamour unlike any other accessory. They preserve a traditional value while remaining cool & modern. It's hard not to feel like princess Jasmine while wearing one ! I paired this crystal amber tone headpiece with a shocking red lip. I recently bought this matte 'Red Velvet' shade from lime crime cosmetics and I'ts already my new favourite ! If you're a fan of red lipsticks I'd definitely recommend it. 

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Styling Sessions
Afternoon styling session with the sweetest Emirati family.. We are so happy you loved all of your new outfits ! For free home shopping services for groups of 3 women and more, based anywhere in the UAE. Do email info@zamira-style.com for further details.Read More
Wishing you and your family an Eid filled with endless blessings, happiness & prosperity ! EID MUBARAK from the ZAMIRA style teamRead More
White Tee & Ripped Jeans
Sometimes all you need is a plain white t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. This simple, yet efortlessly cool combination is ideal for when you want to look good, with very little effort. We're noticing less is much more these days, whether it's spotted on the streets or by celebrity style. Ripped jeans in particular I remember were huge in the 90's and they've definitely made a massive come back. This look can be dressed up or down simply by changing one accessory...

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